In this world among all donations, a food donation(Annadanam) is known to be great. So doing Annadanam at this famous Sri Padagaya holy temple is a blessing to your forefathers. Doing Annadanam at this holy place on the death anniversary of the forefathers will give them everlasting eternal dwelling.

Sri Datta Bhagavanudu will come daily for bhiksha at the holy place of Padagaya Sri Datta first Avatar Sri Pada Sri Vallaba temple. Doing Annadanam at this temple is just like offering food for Sri Datta Bhagavanudu. Doing Annadanam at first Swayambhu Siva temple and also at 10th Sakthi Peetam from among all 10 Sakthi peetas will give you all the wealth and health.

Nitya Annadanam

Minimum donation amount is Rs150/-

(Rs150=5 meals, each meal will cost Rs30/-)

Saswatha Annadanam

Minimum donation amount is Rs1500/-

There will be puja on your name on the special day which you will be selected by you on every year, up to 10 years