Sri Puruhuthika Ammavaru – 10th Shakti Peetham

10th Shakthi peetham - Sri Puruhuthika Ammavaru

The pithapuram Piligramage is 10th (tenth) shakti peeta in Astadasa shakti peethas. As the seat place(Peetha) of Satidevi has fallen on this , it is called Pithapuram.In olden days, Daksha Prajapati belonged to moon dynasty made Lord Shiva as his son-in-law by offering his eldest daughter Satidevi. In course of time, there was a dispute between Lord Shiva and Dakshaprajapati. So, wanted to perform a Yaaga without Lord Shiva. He invited Yaksha, Garuda, Gandharva, Kinnera, Kimpurusha, Maharshis and devas except Lord Shiva. On hearing this satidevi felt sad and wanted to know cause for it. She loved her parents. Satidevi went to Yaaga uninvited.

There satidevi was disgraced and left her life near Yaaga. After destricution of Daksha Yaaga Lord Siva took the deadbody of Satidevi on his shoulders and was wandering in the world. For the of the universe Vishnu divided the body of Satidevi into 18 pieces with his Sudarshana Chakram. One piece fell into Lanka(ceylon) and the remaining 17 pieces fell in India and the 18 parts are treated as 18 Shahti peethas, they are: